Beaches in Zelenika

Zelenika has several beaches - pebble, rocky, sandy and concreat slabs. Every beach has a gradual entry into the water (shoal) wich is very suitable for children and non-swimmers. Also, every beach offers rental beach furniture and beach bars.
Here are all beaches from Meljine towards Kumbor: Lalovina, Main beach, 357 and Zmijice.
Lalovina beach
  1. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  2. Adriatic sea
  3. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  4. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  5. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  6. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  7. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  8. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  9. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  10. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  11. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  12. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  13. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  14. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  15. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  16. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  17. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  18. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  19. Lalovina beach Montenegro
  20. Lalovina beach Montenegro
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This is probably the most beautiful beach in Zelenika, at least for someone who appreciates pure and untouched nature.
Lalovina is located between Zelenika and Meljine, at the foot of the same name hill.
It's away from main road, cars and noise. The beach is rocky, surrounded by greenery which makes natural shade, in an authentic atmosphere. Lalovina is famous for the purest water in this part od The Kotor bay. 

  • Rent a lounge chairs and umbrellas
  • Beach bar
  • sutable for nude tourism

Main beach
  1. The Old Hotel "Plaža Zelenika"
  2. The old hotel Plaža Zelenika
  3. Beach in front of The Old Hotel
  4. Main beach
  5. The old hotel Plaža
  6. Sandy part of beach
  7. Sandy part of beach
  8. Sandy part of beach
  9. Sandy part of beach
  10. Sandy part of beach
  11. Sandy part of beach
  12. Sandy part of beach
  13. Main beach
  14. Plava tišina
  15. Concreat, waterpolo, main beach
  16. Main beach - concreate part
  17. Main beach - concreate part
  18. Main beach
  19. Main beach
  20. Main beach - concreate part
  21. Main beach - waterpolo
  22. Main beach
  23. Main beach - Marinero part
  24. Main beach
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This beach actually has several names: Sarajevska, Beach in front of The old hotel, Plava tišina, Marinero.
On the left part of Main beach is Beach in front of The old hotel Plaža. This is the most attractive location in Zelenika where the first hotel in Montenegrian cost was built in 1902.
After very interesting history and several owners, the hotel is now abandoned. In front of the hotel there is a wide beach with pebble, rocky and concreate slabs. There are three old piers. It's perfect for people how don't like urban beaches and crowd. Behind the hotel there is a big park with more then 100 years old trees, perfect for natural shade and peacefulness. Also suitable for small kids and bebies.
Plava Tišina (Blue Silence) is a beach located in front of the same name beach bar. There is a sandy part, suitable for families with the kids and concrete part great for the youth. This part is also known as Marinero beach because of the same name caffe wich is located next to the Plava tišina. Marinero beach has also a   nice pebble part. You will find there a  waterpolo court with goals.

  • Plava tišina bar and restaurant - provides food and beverages
  • Marinero beach bar - beverages, icecream
  • Showers
  • Waterpolo court
  • Basketball court
  • ​Rent a beach furniture
357 beach
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This is small but very cute pebble beach. It is located next to the Port of Zelenika and Marina, close to the main road.
The main advantage of this beach are very tall palmas which provide pleasent freshness in hot summer days. This beach has a long shoal, perfect for kids and non-swimmers.
You will find Caffe bar 357 in the sade of palmas and a playground for children.

  • 357 beach bar - provides food and beverages
  • Playground for children
  • ​Rent a beach furniture
Zmijice beach
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  2. Title 2
  3. Title 3
  4. Title 4
  5. Title 5
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  8. Title 8

This is the last beach in the row. It's located next to Kumbor.
In the middle of the beach there is a pier, great for diving. On the right part there is a small sendy beach, perfect for families with kids. On the left side is rocky, unurban beach with more privacy and less crowd. 

  • Beach bar 
  • Showers
  • ​Rent a beach furniture
  • Close to stores