Zelenika and the neighborhood

Zelenika is located 4,5 km east of Herceg Novi, at the entrance of The Bay of Kotor – one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Zelenika belongs to The Gulf of Herceg Novi (also known as Herceg Novi Riviera), together with Igalo, Herceg Novi, Meljine, Kumbor, Baošići, Đenovici, Bijela and Kamenari.
Herceg Novi  is the administrative center of the municipality of Herceg Novi with around 33,000 inhabitants.
Zelenika - Baterija Hill
Apartments Olivera are located on the hill Baterija (altitude 35m), only 5 min walking distance from beaches and  Zelenika center.
There you can find: 
  • grocery stores
  • bus and taxi stop
  • restaurants
  • caffes
  • bakery
  • pharmacy
  • post office
  • haircuts
  • boutiques
  • Port of Zelenika
  • Marina
  • boardwalk
First Hotel in Montenerian cost
Zelenika is the place where tourism in Montenegro was born. The first hotel on Montenegrian cost was built here in 1902. It's name was "Hotel Plaža Zelenika".

​​Zelenika is a great choice for peaceful and quiet vacation, offering a various  beaches , lush vegetation, beautiful landscape, warm climate and pure sea water.

​Herceg Novi is less than 5 km away from Zelenika - you can have a quick ride by car, take a local bus or taxi - There is plenty of local bus lines, both inter- and intra-municipal. Taxi service is fairly safe and comfortable
A very common tourist activity is walking on the boardwalk along the seaside. The boardwalk is named "Pet Danica" and it stretches from Zelenika, passing through Meljine, Savina and Herceg Novi, all the way to Igalo spanning entire 8,6 km (1h 30min walking). It is also called "The path of health" as it passes by sea, overgrown by plants from all continents which were brought by sailors. The boardwalk used to be a railroad from 1901 to 1968. All the way long you can find caffes, beach bars, restaurants, night clubs and beatifull beaches.​  
  1. Clear see water in Zelenika
  2. View from Lalovina Hill
  3. The old railway bridge in Zelenika
  4. Sidewalk in Zelenika next to the see
  5. Port of Zelenika
  6. Zelenika bus stop
  7. Summer Games in Zelenika
  8. Road sign with some attractions in Zelenika
  9. Hotel Palace in Zelenika
  10. Boardwalk in Zelenika
  11. The Pub in Zelenika
  12. Marina Zelenika


From Zelenika you can take tourist boats and visit some near, but hardly reachable places like: 
  • Luštica peninsula with Old fishing village Rose; popular beach sites: Dobreč, Žanjic and Mirište;
  • Plava Špilja (Blue cave);
  • Mamula island, but also  
  • Kotor, Perast and The Island Gospa od Škrpjela (Our Lady of the Rocks). 

  1. Mamula Island Montenego
  2. Rose village Montenegro
  3. Rose village Montenegro
  4. Zanjic
  5. Zanjic beach Montenegro
  6. Zanjic beach tourist boats
  7. Dobrec beach Montenegro
  8. Dobrec beach Montenegro
  9. Dobrec beach Montenegro
  10. Blue Cave Montenegro
  11. Blue Cave Montenegro
  12. Gospa od Skrpjela Island Montenegro
  13. Arza forterss and island with monastery Holly Mother
  14. Ostrog Monastery Montenegro
  15. Dubrovnik
  16. Managing Director
  17. Managing Director
  18. Managing Director
There are also bus excursions to Dubrovnik, Kotor, Ostrog Monastery.
Also, we recommend taking a short walk to neighbour place Meljine and visiting The Savina monastery complex with three beautiful Orthodox churches and splendid views of the bay.